Sunday, August 25, 2013

Released 8/24/13!

I am pleased to announce that Where Dragons Dwell was released on August 24th. Currently, it is only available through Smashwords. (There is a link in the sidebar for it, and I'll include one below.) The print version will take at least two more weeks to finish up, and I'll add a Kindle version on Amazon (though a Kindle version is already available at Smashwords) in the next week or so. And the distribution from Smashwords to retailers like Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, etc. will take a bit. But the book is out. :)

Here's the link to the book on Smashwords: Where Dragons Dwell.

And here's a brief description of the story:

“No dragon can be trusted, and all dragons breathe fire.”

Those are the words Andelar promises to remember.

“Promise me that no matter what news you receive, you will not return to us until…until you have made a name for yourself…until you can match the duke’s son in strength and power...until not the slightest possibility remains that you might be made a slave again.”

Those are the words Andelar cannot forget.

Sent off from the only home he has ever known to escape the dangers threatening the realm, Andelar must face an uncertain future, an astonishing past, and—of course—dragons. Experience the adventure and the hope of this charming fairy tale—Where Dragons Dwell by Candace Christine Little.

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